Friday, July 30, 2004

rain, rain go away....

Woke up super early this morning to some serious weather going on outside my window. Yes... inspires a day of being snuggled up on the couch with a good book, the fire roaring away.
Alas.... work is waiting.  :o)

Funny how, as the week goes, it gets harder for me to jump out of bed. I wish I could wake up with a HUGE amount of energy, and feel like I could take on the world!! As it is, I have the mindset to take on the world, but the exhaustion carries on. Last bloods showed the same as always..... frustrating! Still.... gotta love the pill poping freenzy I can go into. hehe

No huge thoughts this morning.... except I was reading very quickly this morning about how when things are bad, we need to remember there is this place of still and peace just above all the cloud. It's so easy to get stuck in the grey muck, and not press into the good stuff. gets easier the more self involved we are - and I know that's not my style - but certainly seem to have been more so than ever before! Yuck! So, changes.

I forgot to bring some work home last night - so gonna have to zoom in, and zoom back here again this morning. YAY!
Somedays are just abit more blonde than others. (where did I put that dye?)

Oh.... hot date tonight!!! :o)
The forcing Tulips escapade is about to get serious. Anyone have any ideas for us - please share!! hehe. Such amature gardeners about to take on this mighty task. CRAZY! If we can get anough tulips for one table, it will be worth while!!

Right. Enough babble..... slowly waking up it would seem.

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