Wednesday, July 28, 2004



another facet of my life..... singing.

I think in the middle of the freak out, I doubted myself to such an extreme that I came close to convincing myself that, while it's something I love, and a passion - I didn't want to do it anymore.
Tonight was a moment. We have VLI on Tuesday nights.... and Jacx and I do alternate weeks for leading Praise and Worship. So, I spent this weekend wondering about whether or not I should actually be standing up there? I wondered if my heart was in the right place and if I was actually even capable of it right now. Knowing my emotions, and how they like to get away from me at the most oportune moments! hehe.
Anyway.... last night I pretty much realised that it was a moment where I could step up in faith, and know that, if my heart was right and focused, then it would all be fine.
I guess it shows that my faith isn't really all it should be.

It's always these moments though where you realise how small we are, and how blessed we are to have a loving Father! Tonight was brilliant. It was hard, but it flowed, and the group was united, and the Spirit moved in that place.
Had nothing to do with me.... and everything to do with God.

So... small steps, and more learning how to hand things over.


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