Saturday, February 11, 2006

Previous post thoughts....

We were talking about whether it was actually Godly to flirt?! Opinions people?
And then, the classic question... how does one go about finding someone? And is it our job to hunt, or do we keep busy, and trust that God will do His thing? hehe.
I'll share my opinion later. I'm most curious as to what others think.

Mella said...

Excellent question, CJ..."/*

My first reaction is that it can be - as long as "to flirt" is defined as to exude interest in another person in a charming and loving way, without resorting to sexual innuendo, etc. (Don't know if that entirely makes sense, just came off the top of my head...)

I guess, in thinking about it - our flirting "/* be Godly, because everything we do should be an act of worship and for the glory of God...even our interactions with others.

I don't see any reason why touching someone's arm or giggling (excessively, perhaps) or hinting that you're interested in someone can't be done in a Godly manner. =)

As far as finding someone goes...I wish I had more of an answer than "trust" and "patience."

A good friend of mine from college has been a prime example of waiting on the Lord for the love of her life. She'll be thirty soon, and has only recently met the man she's going to marry - after turning down several, not because she wasn't interested, but because God told her they weren't right.

Wow. Long rambling response. Hope it made sense! =)

NEO said...

CJ - I think God nudges people in each others direction, he leaves the rest to us.

Taken me a while to get back to this one.....

I totally agree with your definition Mella. I'm not sure that society quite agrees, but that's pretty much how I see it. A way of showing interest, I guess with the intention of really seeing where things may lead?

I know it's all about walking in faith, but I don't think we're meant to just sit back waiting for God to plonk the boy on our front door step. I don't know many guys who would find their way!
So - I think it is important that we are active, though not in a "hunt" mode - if that makes sense.
But then it also involves the process of us becoming a suitable mate as well. Preparing our hearts, minds and I guess becoming more comfortable with who we are, and aware of what is important to us in our future spouse.

I have moments where I wonder if I'm not too set in my ways now? There are certain ways that some things should be done! hehehehe. No, seriously. I do look at my brother who got married when he was 23, and see how he and Tess have almost grown up together, which is so precious. And I wonder if that would be easier? No regrets about me not having done it back then.... just reflecting on the different processes that each person faces at a different age.

So, as I embark on the whole turning 30 thing, I'll continue to be active, doing the things that I enjoy, and maybe. Just maybe I'll bump into the person that God has picked out for me.

Kind of leads me to another questions..... Is there only one person out there for each of us. Or could it be that we woul dbe well suited with several different people, but timing is everything?
What do you think?

OH.... and all of this kind of stems from back when I read the book "Finding Mr Right" by Stephen Arterburn and Dr Meg Rinck. Interesting book.
Side note - it also has the additional notes:"10 Ways to become Mrs Right" :)

I'm working on it!


mreddie said...

Looking back I can see how God used circumstances and commonality of beliefs to bring the wife and I together. With over 42 years behind us, I think He did a very good job. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Ed ~
42 years. WOWEEEEEEE!
I just realised I probably sounded very fixated on a subject, that in fact just keeps me entertained. I have no objection to being single at all, as long as I'm being used for a purpose, and I trust that I am! :)

I'll gladly take any wisdom you'd like to share though.

TaB said...

a while back I had a similar conversation with a Utah Mormon, a communist and a Jew (this isn't a joke, im not the blonde hehe), and three themes came out of it; conventional, abstract and action. Maybe I'll expand on that in private.

The probability of change isn't as confident as the weather, partly cloudy 82% chance of rain, and are you now-or have you ever been-overtones stink to high heaven!

Arbitrary fractals, pivots of emotion, and oceanic swells, coincidence? I'm working on that too.

When in doubt, go shopping, on a rainy cold day. :)

Neo said...

CJ - Hmmm, I think maybe we should hook you up with that movie, Matchmaker. ;)

Or it kind of reminds me of that movie singles. LOL

Happy Hunting!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~

I loved that movie. lol! Might have to go and find it now, just for a laugh.

Seriously.... that post had more to do with a conversation my flatmates have been dragging out. All interesting, but in all honesty.... I'm too tired to think about it.

Hope you are doing well... and yes, you need to use what you have!


Neo said...

CJ - Heh, I'll try. ;)

Happy Valentines Day!

Peace, Hugs, & Roses!

- Neo

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~

Oh, valentines day! :)

Hope you had a flower filled one! hehehe


Morgan said...

hey there sunshine! erm...i didn't read the whole thing, but i skimmed and got the jist...LOL...i've got a million things today..........but i keep picking out the ones i want and God keeps saying, NO...but i still go after the ones i want. LOL! Like the guy i'm after right now...pretty sure he has no clue who the hell i am...but do i care? no. i'm smitten and i will continue to flirt until my attention is taken elsewhere. :o)

hope you're doing well! sorry for the abscence!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hey CJ, it's a week later n I hope you're doin OK. My machine should be fixed up better soon, haven't commented here in awhile, keyboard keeps freezin up is why!

I dunno how to find 'em, I just know you should try not to ignore them when they find you!
I got a couple after me again now who I want nothing to do with, they just don't understand me at all!

Takes time to know people well enough to trust with that type of relationship I think. Most guys want to move in very quick. I think a guy who takes "no" for the answer yet still tries n doesn't hold it against you, is the best type- but not many of those around!
(those are the comprimisers)

I should probably get out n mix more myself. Tough to find untaken good guys when you're older, or they're divorced- I keep finding the stranger scumballs who offer to buy condoms... (as I cringe) They don't know about my alliegence to God and are maybe headin the other way...

Wish you the best of luck, n I advise just to pay attention, ya never know where...

Using up the words.... said...

Morgs And Snaggle!!!

I've missed you both!

It's been a crazy week, but that's no excuse for my lack of concentration.

You're right snaggle.... best to keep eyes open, and just take your time. It's a funny conversation to have on here anyway, and I always love to hear people's thoughts.

Hope you guys are both well!