Thursday, February 09, 2006

one day to go... one day to go....

Gone from a super hot week to one of drizzle.
In fact.... it's even cold at night. I was thinking about having the fire going for much of the afternoon. Small problem; we still don't have any firewood.
BUT, benny is coming up this weekend, and he's supposed to be bringing up his car so I can go and pick up some. YIPEEEEEE. Will have to have a ceremonious fire, regardless of the weather once it's here and all stacked up.
It's quite exciting.
I love the changing seasons.

Of course, all my tomatos are just waiting to ripen, and it looks like it's going to happen all at once, and I'll have to go nuts making chutney. Exciting days.


mreddie said...

We once went on a couple's weekend and built a fire with the air conditioning on! The dancing flames are so facinating to sit and watch. We are still at the daughter's and have been so busy that I had about forgot your tag - will try to take care of that later today. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~

Isn't it lovely to be busy with family. :)
And don't worry about the tag, it can wait. I keep thinking I should really ad more detail to it anyway. It's so empty.

Jayleigh said...

Is chutney like Salsa?

Changing seasons!!!! It still cracks me up that you're looking to the end of summer... and it's so incredibly bitter cold here... like winter will NEVER end. ;-)