Monday, February 27, 2006

in and out...

My life right now consists of running through the door, unpacking, throwing clothes in the washing machine, onto the line, and back into the suitcase.

About to hang out the next load now, so I can get packing again, and jump on the road.


I ended up flying up to Palmerston North on Friday for the weekend. Was gorgeous weather, with some madness thrown in for good measure. Flew back from Wellington yesterday. The rush in the airport was just nuts! Alas, Air New Zealand has done very little to improve their standing in my life. I DON"T LIKE THEM AT ALL!!!

Though.... in saying that, I had a great flight once on the plane. Got some pics to boot, and had some great company. :) Funny how it all comes together in the end.

Up north this week.... haven't talked to Jill and John to see if I can stay there, but I am stoping in Hanmer on the way home to catch up with Greg. Will be good to be up in the mountains. :)

Will have pics to post when I get back. I've been slacking in the whole PPP world lately. Haven't even had a chance to download the last couple of trips.

Hope everyone is well...

Peace and Joy!

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself!" Amelia Earhart

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