Sunday, February 05, 2006

Holey Soles.....

So the things that I get excited about is sometimes pretty nuts. I'll be the first to admit to that one.

However.... when I saw these shoes while I was up on the farm in one of my favourite outdoor stores in Hamilton, it was really love at first sight! hehehe. To hear that they are designed by a Canadian company in BC flipped me completely.
Unfortunately, they didn't have any in my size, and the next shipment was not expected until mid Jan. I scoured the stores in Christchurch when I got back, but they too were of course sold out of the "MEdium" size. I would have to be so common, huh. hehehe.

So, when I was in Nelson last week, I scouted around, and VOILA! The shipment had just arrived, and I left smiling away. It was a toss up between these gorgeous lime green ones, or some turquoise beauties. Sure, in a perfect shoe fettish world, I may have walked out with both pairs..... but such a world, I know not. :)

I won't be loosing my feet any time soon!


Yours truly said...

Beautiful shoes, and great color choice! I've often looked at such myself, but as the weather is -27 today, I have no need of them! To my great chagrin, I found out that even in March the weather has possibilities to be so cold! I also love the sunflower pic and the verses from Isaiah! Isn't it wonderful to have friends who root for us! I'm glad you got to see Miss Julie! Enjoy today!!

Using up the words.... said...

Thank you, Yours. :)

Hope that the weather does start to warm up for you over there, though i know those long cold winters well.
Hope you are keeping warm, and entertained. When do classes start for you??

Jayleigh said...

I am an "ugly shoe" nut. I just bought more pairs of Birkenstocks... they have an amazing selection on ebay.

My neighbor has your same shoes in butter yellow. I think they're awesome!