Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I was sent a card for New Years from a good friend down in Christchurch....
in it she wrote:

we pray the year ahead will be a most fantastic one full of joy, friendship, adventure & contentment!

Sweet, right.
I kind of took offense at it.

What does she mean, wishing me contentment?!
Am I not content?


happiness with one's situation in life

Is discontentment my friend?

I realised that perhaps I am. I wonder if I should ever find contentment, or will I constantly be thinking about somewhere else, or what ifs?

I seem to recall God calling us to find peace and purpose in the place where we are, understanding that while it may not feel like a perfect spot, it is the spot that is perfect for us right now.

God knows what we need, how we need to grow, and the strengths that we will require for the future. The future that he has planned for us....
and in all of that I find hope. And right now I cling to that.



mreddie said...

Even when Christ is all we have to cling to, He is still enough. Even when we have nothing but questions in our life, Christ is still the only answer we need. And when Christ is the only friend we have, He is the best one we could have. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~
I wish I could say right now that it felt like enough in my world. It doesn't.

and I just keep questioning everything.