Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am so, so bad......

I've just finished packing and cleaning up the kitchen, all ready for tomorrows adventure. Yes, it kind of reminds me of the good ol' days where I was always unpacking and packing and heading off into the great yonder.....

However, everything is a bit different now when I leave. I don't have flatmates any more, so I have to get the house tidied up. I've realised this is something my mother ingrained in me from a young age. No one likes to come home to a mess.

So, Check. Kitchen is all cleaned. Dishes put away, rubbish out, and........

oh my gosh, Tiwggy!!!

Normally when I go away I take Twiggy over to the farm so she can hang out with her mother and grandmother and people. Now, upon realising that I didn't even think about it, I don't have the time to get her over there tomorrow - unless of course I do as my mother has suggested and get up at 6 to leave at 6:30 to get her over there and myself to work on time.

Not going to happen!

I know this makes me sound like the worst cat owner in the whole wide world, but instead I'm opting for option 2.

Twiggy is now stuck in the house. There are two big bowls of food and water for her, and the litter box is all clean and ready to go.

I know I'm going to come home to a very grumpy moggy, but she'll be ok.
Hopefully the house will still be standing.

Growlings will be responded to on my return from the Capital.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)


mreddie said...

I hope the trip was a fun one. ec

Robert A Vollrath said...

Good idea, I must clean before I go.