Friday, September 14, 2007

tip toe through the tulips.....

Well... spring sprung a while ago. I even welcomed it in with a poem on the radio. (Ah, yes. The things that I am convinced to do on air!)

I met a neighbour a few doors down the other day, when he came to ask if he could stick his sheep in my backyard. Yes, only in New Zealand! I now have a ewe with her twin lambs roaming around, hopefully cleaning up the long grass down the hill for me. I was going to get the nanny goats back, but after one of them escaped I was a little worried that they would go wandering into one of the neighbours places, and destroy the beautiful garden where the ewe has come from. This way I'm not responsible for any mishaps. :) And I don't need to find a way to mow the lawns.


The house hasn't had much done to it in the last couple of weeks. The last bit of wallpaper stripping that I did - when I finally got the spare room finished was when I had a wee accident.

Note to self - do not use any equipment when blurry eyed and unable to concentrate properly.

I somehow managed to lean over the steamer with my arm, and rested it right on top of the steam vent, letting the steam escape right onto my arm. In my stubborn state of mind, I didn't even stop what I was doing until the room was finished! 20 mins later, I was sore, although thrilled to see no more wallpaper in sight.

I finally checked out the burn and put it under the cold water. Very silly. It gets worse though.... I pretty much ignored it until the blister burst, and I had no choice but to go to the doctor a week later. Antibiotics are a great thing! As are South African nurses who are gentle at dressing such things. (though I will say that when she had to cut the skin off it hurt alot!)

2 weeks later, and a few more visits to have the burn dressed it feels so much better, and is looking ok too. It felt so good this morning, that I took off the bandage, and have left it to breathe today.

I now have my first war wound from the house adventure, I guess. The first and last, I hope!

That means that this weekend I might actually get to start the plastering.

I'll have to put up a pic before I start the next bit.
Fun times.

Be blessed.


mreddie said...

Those sound like good lawn mowers to me. :) My accidents seem to come in the form of cuts - the skin is getting thinner as I age. ec

Jayleigh said...

I love that your neighbors put their ewe in your yard! I love sheep!

You take care of yourself better, please? Sounds like you're making real progress on your house though. Good job!

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Ed ~ My grandad was like that. Always cutting himself when he was out in the garden. He always compared his skin to paper. I guess it's one of those things.

Jay ~ The ewe is quite friendly, though the lambs are scared of me. She comes up looking for food all the time. Very cute.

Hope you're both well! In case I don't say it - I so appreciate you both!!! Bless you.