Saturday, September 01, 2007

the other night

Looks like my blog is doing funny things....

Will have to try and play around with it later.

For now, these were caught the other night - alas, we didn't get such a clear sky the night of the eclipse - this was the night after. :)


mreddie said...

I meant to view the eclipse and forgot to look at the proper time. I think I saw part of it by accident - the moon was oddest color orange! ec

Anonymous said...

My wonderful friend! I've only tonight stumbled upon your blog... How I managed to let it escape me for the past three years is quite beyond reason, and I'm sorry that I've not been here sooner. I miss you very, very much. My great shame is in not sending a card back across the seas to thank you, truly, for your sweet wedding gift to Ted and me! I look at that picture of the beach every single day, and I think of you and think of New Zealand... Thank you for being such a dear. How are you? What are you up to in life? Please, please....let's have a chat? I have my little phone card somewhere around here... I own Erin a call as well! Much love to you!!!


Using up the words.... said...

Dearest Bethany,

I'm so glad you stumbled. I hope you didn't hurt yourself though.

I would love nothing more than a long chat. How about we do coffee sometime soon. :)


Mr Ed ~
We had an amazing orange moon here for most of the night. Mine was covered with cloud, so kind of lost the appeal - but photos that I've seen have been gorgeous.
Glad you managed to see some odd moon light yourself. :)