Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Was reading a book review ages ago..... quite a different book - but I was interested in the quote that they used:

"The wrong hung wallpaper could upset him (Oscar Wilde) more than the death of a family member"
We often underestimate how much of our inner cheer hinges around the quality of our environment.
The Architecture of happiness - Aain DeBotton

I understand what they are trying to say, though it reminds me of how we are supposed to have a home which is peaceful and welcoming. I wonder what Oscar would have thought of my house? Would it be somewhere that he would have been happy to have been?

I had a friend call round last night, bringing dinner with them. SCORE!
After eating he sat and read and I sat and organised photos while some mellow music played. It was relaxing, and you know, it was just great to have that space to share with someone else. To see them relaxed in the atmosphere that you'd created. I hope that doesn't sound all arrogant, it's just something that I've always wanted to be able to provide for friends.

A simple goal of mine.


mreddie said...

And it is a very worthy goal to have a place to have friends over and have them feel comfortable. That did sound as though it worked out well. ec

Jayleigh said...

It sounds enchanting and wonderful, and like you're totally the hostess with the mostest!

Using up the words.... said...

hehe.... thanks guys!

Can you tell that my gift is hospitality. :)