Sunday, March 04, 2007

march, already!

The weekend is zooming by, and I thought if I don't sit down now, and make time, when will I get around to it again?

Firstly; Mr Ed, I so appreciate your notes, and constant encouragement. You really are so super sweet to stop by and check up on me. To anyone else who stops by... thanks to you too. :)

Right.... some pics that I had to share

Firstly; Tawhai and Popa! hehehehe... yes, one of Tawhai's first words is Popa, and he says it with such convection and excitement. We've come to the conclusion that while he loves Popa, what he really LOVES is the tractor! Whenever they are driving out in the country now, Tawh gets all excited and starts saying Popa, regardless of where they are. Has made for some tearful drives. But, wow is it ever cute when he does arrive here, and jumps out of the car to find Popa!

Next bit of exciting news; Tawhai is trying to say my name! :) Yipeeeeeeeee....... ok, so CJ is coming out like Yeyay, but I'll take whatever I can get. He even chants it around the house, especially after I've been around there. How cute is that?!

Evita is growing super quickly, and I suspect is going to jump straight to walking. She is a mover and a groover, and hates to be still. Quite hillarious to watch, but exhausting to have to try and hold. We had her dedication last weekend at church, and she wore a dress that was made from Tessa's great grandmother's wedding dress. Absolutely gorgeous, and for the first time she just snuggled into my arms through most of the service. It was so precious to have that time with her, and just cherish this beautiful little girl. I've got a couple of photos on my computer that I need to get over here to put up.....
For now, this one will have to do. Tamati being his usual cheeky self.

Tamati's response to my saying that I was looking to move was one of panic, quickly followed by one of madness. He's adament about setting me up with some guy. Yes, he's of the belief that if I should fall madly in love, then I wouldn't make such threats. It was such a funny process to watch. Instantly naming off guys with Tessa.... " what do you think of so and so, and then there's.... "
I had to laugh.
I'm not looking for a guy to make me feel better about living here. I would like some friends to do things with. I'm becoming more of a recluse, and it's scaring me - as it's becoming more comfortable, and I know that I'm starting to make less of an effort.
Sure, I still ask people out, and am ever the friendly one.... but it's becoming less of an issue.

I'll have to spill the story about the American in another blog. hehehe.

Hope the weekends have been warm and filled with much laughter. It is certainly an awesome thing to have people around who fill your heart with warmth and cheerfulness.

Be blessed.

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mreddie said...

Great photos! I can so relate to the little one coming to look for Popa, my gruntmonkeys always come to look me up when they come over. They usually want something but no matter, I just like hearing them tell me (all at once) what they have been up to. :) Our weekend was good, church was the center piece as usual and that was great, as usual. ec