Monday, March 20, 2006

this is the week....

Started the day off with a call from my bestest friend, Nigel in England. YIPEEEEEEE.

I, unfortunately made the fatal error of opening some mail from work just prior to the call which left my stomach in knots. Nigel managed to distract me fairly well though, and all is well now. It was so good to catch up with him. I don't think I've spoken to him since last Oct? maybe even longer. He was just about to head over to South America. It's been too long.

Seems he's found a special someone, and life is going beautifully for him, which is fantastic. He's wondering about moving into London to teach next year, which made me cringe. Sounds like he has everything pretty good where he is. Of course, he doesn't feel like he can move back to New Zealand without having lived there for a little while. I disagree - is it really something one would want to experience? hehehe. Sure, a great city to visit - but live?

He got all excited at my plans to start traveling again. Says he's only been staying over there so that I would get over there to see him. Sounds familiar. The whole time I was in the States I kept waiting for him to come and visit, and he never got there! The second year I was back here - what does he do??? YEP... takes off on a mighty big adventure, which even included Canada! ARHG! I was pretty gutted at him. Anyway.... will be super good to see him again. He may come out here for a friends wedding in July - if he can convince her to get married while he's on holiday. How's that... you get married then, and I can come. I think I'd be inclined to organise my wedding around something like that too. hehehe. Classic.

I've got alot of paper work to do today, which is fine. It's windy and grey outside, so I don't mind hiding in here. Might even get to catch up on the blog world while I'm here.

I'll try and share some of the pics from last week while I'm around. Have to make the most of a week at home. They seem to fly way too quickly.


"What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Classic image in a field on the way home... somewhere between Cromwell and well... the next place you come to. hehehe. MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!


mreddie said...

Good to have you back, I miss your cheerful words. The photo looks like a scarecrow maybe to keep biker gangs away. :) ec

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hi there, nifty sculpture! Perhaps Mad-Max's cousin searching for the ThunderDome...
What a bizarre location for such a work of art! What a beautiful mountain-side view in the Background, too.
It always seems the closer the friend lives, the less we see of them... ! At least ya haven't totally lost track in life's hectic moves-
I've Got a few new photo's up, when ya get the chance to peruse...
Have a happy week!

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ Thanks for your kind words. I've been feeling rather negative lately - at least in my blog. Hopefully the break will have done me good, and I'll be better at writing on a regular basis - at least when I'm home.
Certainly does look like a scarecrow of sorts, and I'm sure would keep the biker gangs at bay. :)

Snaggle ~ YES - totally MAD-MAX like! I have to say, I appreciate finding these little treasures when I'm on the road, and the people who take the time to put them there. I'd say way too many people just zoom by without noticing, I guess making it even more of a treasure!
I'll be over your way to check out the photos too!