Tuesday, March 07, 2006

pretty in pink

This is also at the botanical gardens. I think I like it more than the ones I took ages ago. I was happy playing around. I've always liked the idea of a camera being an extension of me. The more I play the more the idea grows.... Wait until the travel starts happening again. :)


TaB said...

Lovely as usual
Most of my image bank is on 35mm, the chore is scanning, I still don’t have a digital camera. I met a girl years ago who used to sketch her views, mainly for her children to see, that was beautiful stuff, although she could draw. Me on the other hand, stick men and silly 3d boxes hehe

Yours truly said...

Gorgeous foto! I enjoy seeing all your pictures! Perhaps I'm a bit confused, or missed some entry, but I thought you were doing some traveling! If not, may the day come soon enough!

Happy weekend!

mreddie said...

Beautiful!! Didn't God do good! You did very well in finding this beauty. ec