Sunday, March 05, 2006

new found...

Yes, this would be my new found friend....

WILSON. (Danny's dog)

Figure it's finally time to get the story out there, a week later, and still with a head filled with crazy thoughts. I'm not sure I've managed to figure it all out yet?

Here goes though.

I'm not sure where to even start this one from? There is no real beginning without going back months, so think jumping in makes more sense?!

Danny was supposed to be coming down here for the weekend. It was pretty much either then, or not until April/ May, and while I had warned that it would be between back to back trips, and I would be pretty shattered, that it was cool. He really needed some time away from the house and all the work that's been companion for the last year. Anyway... turned out the only flights would mean that he arrived here on Friday afternoon and could stick around for 2 hours before flying back. Seemed a little pointless. So... master plan... to see if I could find flights up?
I ended up driving over 1000 k's to get home, amazingly found flights, and the next morning was on a flight to Palmerston North. COMPLETE MADNESS!!!
I had time to do a load of laundry, sleep for 4 hours, and arrive. Now, that's some spontaniety!
Had a great weekend chilling out up there with Danny and Wilson. A few minor problems with cars, and a freak out about how I was going to get to Wellington for the flight home - but it all worked out.
In actual fact, it was a weekend where we really did get to see many facets of the other person. I was a zombie, he was sick, both of us got stressed at different times, and yet.... in the end, we both said it was a great weekend! There could be hope?! :)

I was taught to play pinball, and the challenge is now to get good enough to kick his butt. Not an easy feat, as I got worse the more I played. I'm sure he'd rigged the game somehow?! I can see how people would get addicted to it all though?! Scary.

We ate pizza, watched dvd's, walked along the river, moved the washing machine, washed the floor, and managed to get his laundry done. Cooked waffles, ate yummy salad and salsa and drank coffee.

YES... all in all.... a good weekend!

The end was all a little crazy. Drove down to Wellington on Sunday afternoon. A breezy 2 hour trip - though traffic had it's moments. We'd planned to find food before I flew out at 7:10. And yummy food we did find. It was scrumptious, and messy. From there we zoooomed to the airport where my frazzled adventure started. I checked in, but they only had 3 people checking in luggage, and the line was SOOOOO LONG!
Standing in line, and they are calling my flight..... standing in line, and we're up to the final boarding call...... I'm getting flusttered.......

In the end I just said stuff it, and we ran to the gate with my suitcase. I figured they could deal with it there if they wouldn't let me take it on the plane. It was small enough for me to take it on if I had to.
So.... between rushing to the gate and having to go through the security, our goodbye was brief at best.
Probably a blessing, really.

I got a super quick kiss and hug, and then rushed through to the gate.

I wanted to cry.

It's never quite what you expect when saying goodbye to someone you're growing close to. Still.... it was sweet, and quite perfect.

Next move?
Hopefully he'll be down here for my birthday, and then Easter - I'm driving up to the farm with a car load of things to get the show moving, so picking him up along the way. I hadn't really thought about the whole aspect of him meeting my family, though obviously it would be happening - it was more the whole "YAY ADVENTURE AND COMPANY" thing that consumed my thoughts. Julie was very quick to point out the obvious to me. Presuming he doesn't have a problem with it, or he wouldn't be so keen to come up with me.

Anyway... it's all still early days, and I'm treading carefully.

I got back in time to do another load of laundry and pack the car for the next week away. hehehehe. Everything always happens at once, right.

Meanwhile, this week both of my flatmates are gone, so I'll be on my lonesome. A great opportunity to get into my studies!! :) Assignments galour just waiting for me!

And then is there is work to boot.

"A single thought in the morning may fill our whole day with joy and sunshine or gloom and depression"



Snaggle Tooth said...

Soundz worth it all to me, time with good people always is. Hope it stays good between you. The dog is quite hansome n huggable too!
I can't stand the fluster at the airport rushing around to wait, myself!
Good luck this at week's travels as well!

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Snaggle ~
Yeah, I think it was worth it. Kind of a game of wait and see now, but can't rush these things.
I'm kind of trying to keep my light hearted "Whatever" attitude to convince myself? I'm pretty smitten. hehehe.

TaB said...

I seriously don’t know how you can drive that long, alone!! Must be cos im a passenger in life most times.
Pinball is a cool game huh? especially on them old boards with wonky legs hehe, tilt alarms with hip movement. We used to have one in our Vancouver crew rest, I love pinball. (but im not a wizard) hehe.
Pretty soon I’ll have to regal myself to common passenger on the airlines too, im not looking forward to dealing with gate peoples. Getting drunk though, new nice thought!

Fleeting hasty goodbye kisses, English lit is full of the beauty in them, don’t think for a moment its just ordinary!

I just got your letter so I’ll read it next.

Things are good for you it seems!!