Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The wedding was an absolute blast, and I just feel so honoured to have been allowed to capture the day. In fact, I'm still feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.

Now the task of getting the photos all sorted out lies ahead of me.

Minor detail in the great scheme of things. I took all the photos as RAW images, which means I have 700+ photos that are averaging 5MB each. That's great, from a photographer's point of view..... but what I didn't give much thought to was the fact that my computer is just not capable of dealing with it all.

Quite funny really........

Thankfully the bride and groom have run away for the week, and I can deal with it in a turtle like manner, as well as get two assignments finished.

There are some gorgeous shots amongst them all, and I think I managed to capture the joy of the day. Hopefully they like them too.

So, wedding TICK
Assignments half done
House carpet goes in today
Holiday is a mere 1 and 1/2 weeks away.... wohoooooo!!

God.... good all the time.

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