Thursday, September 03, 2009

memory lane.....

Gosh...... flicking through some old photos and this one takes me down memory lane.

It's taken at Yosemite - in Tuolumne Meadows. Actually, this would have been the night of the bear I think?
10 years ago.

How time zooms by.

Who was I back then, compared to who I am now.

I'd like to think I've aged graciously. That I've learnt from my past experiences, and grown into a better version of myself. But then we are ever learning and ever growing. At least that's the plan.
Imagine if our growth became stilted, and we stopped striving to become more Christ like.

Actually.... I'm sure we all have moments like that in our life..... where we feel like we're in the dark, struggling to see and figure out what direction to go in.
It's almost like we're a seed in the gestation period..... if we would just keep looking up, soaking up the nutrients all around us, we'd grow towards the sun.

All just musings and mutterings as spring springs around me......

Life is good!


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