Friday, June 06, 2008


It's June......

Not only is it June, but it's the 6th of June.

Where did the rest of May go, and how did we get here to Friday the 6th?

It will soon be only 6 months till Christmas. I am constantly miffed at the speed with which time travels. It blows my sox off.

It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks - which I guess would help to explain how time has flown. We had Queen's Birthday weekend last weekend - which meant a lovely Monday off. I spent Saturday with my Dad playing in the garden getting it all tidied and things ready for a bonfire that night.

We had a huge fire blazing down the hill, and now I can say that I have quite a large backyard, which has oodles of scope for great things to be done. A bunch of friends came round for a pot luck dinner, and we munched on loads of marshmallows. It was great!

Tawhai and Evita came too, and were in awe of the flames, though thankfully figured out the keep at a distance thing pretty quickly. I had some sparklers for them to hold onto, which did much to keep them entertained. I wish I'd managed to get a photo of them - but was just too busy enjoying them.

I did get some photos of the fire - so hopefully I'll find a moment to get them up on here over the weekend.

There are also photos of a bunch of us caving. We had an absolute blast out there in the dark, crawling through cramped stoney streams. FUN!

Hope that everyone is well. I'm sorry I haven't been around to say HI, and thanks for the notes.
I appreciate them!!!

Have a most blessed, and peaceful weekend.

Tons of Aroha.


mreddie said...

Sounds like you have had a huge busy schedule but at least have had fun. I have noticed that time flies, especially when we are having fun. :) ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr eddie..... why, oh why does it rush so the older we get??
I'm still puzzling that one.
Fun times do help though, right. :)