Thursday, June 12, 2008

mid week

The stunning scene on my way to Coromandel a few weeks ago.

I really have been having the most amazing trips lately - stunning days. Alas, I've also been leaving my camera behind which is a little silly.

On Tuesday I drove home following the sunset the whole way.... over the hills, through the bush, the light dancing before me. I just love the way every sunset is different, and how it is constantly changing. Just when you think nothing could be more beautiful, the light changes and you get something just as incredible.

How can people refuse to believe in God when we are constantly being showered with such beauty.



Robert A Vollrath said...

Its always good to leave the camera behind sometimes. How do people not believe in God? That puzzles me too.

Using up the words.... said...

I agree Robert.
I think sometimes we do get too caught up in trying to capture the moments with our cameras, that we forget to actually just soak it up. I went for a few years without a camera so that I would practice just that. :)
Hope you're well. For some strange reason my comments have gone AWOL when I post them on your blog?!