Friday, July 07, 2006

the path home....

Arrived up at the farm tonight!

This week has been absolute madness... think I've had about 10 hours sleep for the whole week, working, packing, cleaning, driving, saying goodbyes.....

Tuesday night was a huge blessing. To hang out with close friends, and laugh till we were crying, and eating yummy dessert - how could it be wrong. Jacx wrote me a poem, which of course brought more tears, but was so beautiful.

The drive began, pretty much on schedule, got down the road and realised I'd left my duvet behind (Having packed my sleeping bag).

But from there, it was a sweet drive. There had been mutterings of snow on the way up, but all good. Arrived at the ferry - which had been closed all of the previous day due to 7 metre swells, and was abit worried that today would be more of the same, or that there would be a backlog of people trying to get across today. All good though. We were late, and the rocking was significant - but I loved it! The waves crashed up on the windows alot, but didn't feel sick at all.

Arrived to torrential rain in Wellington, and huge winds, which is pretty typical. Was supposed to meet a couple of friends for drink after work, but the ferry was over an hour late - so that didn't happen. Instead it was off to dinner with another friend. We decided to get brave and walk...... minus an umbrella - because they are just a waste of time in that city! Would someone like to come up with a blow proof umbrella?

Italian was the order of the day, and WOWEEEEE, what an amazing meal! Company was of course quite brilliant too! Crawled into bed, only to get a call from Shane to ask if we had a spare bed.... there had been another slip on the highway home for him, and he was stuck. he of course couldn't turn around... and in the end, only sat there for 45 mins while they cleared the road. Poor guy... today sounded quite tough too.

Today...we woke to beautiful sunshine. Absolutely opposit to yesterday. Quite blissful. Walked around to meet the friend that I was supposed to meet the night before, and had a scruptious coffee... really good catchup. Couldn't have asked for a better time in Wellington. (there was massive flooding further North... with alot of slips, and rivers overflowing, several people being moved out of their homes... it's terrible.)

From there it was pretty much straight home. We stoped for more coffee - not so great, and gas.... and made it up here in about 7 hours.

The animal smells met me, Mandy rolled in something especially for my welcome - and it just feels like home.

Jiljane and I talked on the way about God's purpose for our lives, and how this next season is pretty huge, but also about the peace, and the excited, scared feelings - but also the not too worried one. I know this is the next step. Step to what - that I don't know?!

BUT.... I'll figure that one out as I go. A ship cannot be turned while sitting still....

More to come... but for now, bed.



Jayleigh said...

Peace to you, my friend. I pray this season of you leads you toward God's purpose for your life. Sounds like you had some fun with friends, too. Yay!

mreddie said...

Sounds like many mixed emotions - hope all works out for your good. God does work things out well - but in His timing and as we trust Him. ec