Saturday, July 22, 2006

finding my feet.....

This was the stunning view that I wake to most mornings here. Totally gorgeous winter mist.

It has been raining several cats and dogs too though. Driving around on the farm bike in the rain through the mud has prooven to be a great way to spend ones time, and ensure that you have no clothes to wear for days afterwards. (Can't get any of the washing dry - and over here, it's all about hanging out the clothes on the line to dry. )

I got home from a job interview, and mum had gone to Auckland to check on a horse, so I was left to feed out. Got up to the cows, and wohooo - there was our first calf! It had just been born, and was so cold and wet. (Raining again this day!) And I had to get it out of the paddock with the other cows. So... zoomed back through the MUD to get the trailer and dad, who had just got home to do our little rescue mission. Managed to get it out with only one other cow who jumped the fence, and up to the stable paddock. Excitement plus! hehehe.

Calf is now doing super well, and we've picked up another one to keep the mother busy. Hopefully it won't be long before she accepts it as her own, and the rest of the cows are calving too.

The job interview - first since I moved up here, went really well. It was for a company that I worked with previously, so I know the ins and outs pretty well, and it would just be absolutely perfect for me right now!
I have a second interview on Monday - and just really praying that this is the ONE! :) I know God has it all under control though.... if it's not the right job, can't wait to see what is the right one. hehehe.
(I'm trusting, along with my family that this is the right one though!!)

There has been a little chaos in the family, but the fact that I moved up when I did has just shown me that God's timing is so perfect. :) You know that whole... take a step, and I'll begin to reveal the plan that I have for you - but you have to take that first step. I guess I forget how God needs us to show our faithfulness before he can start to move. I read somewhere that he knows, if he were to show us, or tell us the plans he has for us, we'd run a million miles away, because, as a full picture it looks way too scary, but when he shows us bit by bit, as we're ready, and as we're walking it out - we can then handle it all!
Makes alot of sense.

Just cooked up a huge feast, which of course means I have a big mess to clean up. So I'd better get to that.

Hope everyone is doing super well!

Prayers and peace.



mreddie said...

So good to have you back with us. You seem to be faring well - and having excitement as well, I really wasn't old enough to do much work before we left the farm back in 1947. Hope the job works out. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Hi Mr Ed ~
Not faring quite so well today, but holding on.
Didn't get the job. I have so many doubts running through my head... right now guess I just need sleep.
Tomorrow is a new day. YIPEEEE.