Friday, April 07, 2006

(taken standing in the middle of a long one lane bridge)

I was driving through Arthurs pass. It was an incredible night... went from clear skies - a gorgeous sunset, to driving into swirling dark cloud when I was almost all the way through. It was kind of creepy, and airy. Then, when I was outside of Springfield, I just drove out of it, and had the most amazing stary night all around me again.

I had to stop the car, and jump out.
And as I stood on the side of the road, out in the middle of the country, I looked up and got to see a shooting star blaze through the sky.

If I'd had my sleeping bag in the car I could have very easily just got it out, and gone to sleep out there - with the amazing sky as my blanket. Just getting lost in the vastness of it all.


Yours truly said...

That view is too beautiful for words, it requires a silence, a moment to soak it in and explode with immovable awe. A night under that sky sounds like a great idea!

Jayleigh said...

God is so amazing, giving us such a beautiful world in which to live!

Using up the words.... said...

Truly ~ I could have stood there for ages, watching the colours change and deepen - but standing in the middle of a onelane bridge in the middle of a pass like that, isn't a great idea. A fire engine was wanting to come across as I jumped back in the car. hehe. I'm glad I managed to capture some of what I saw though.

Jay ~ YES! So much absolute beauty all around us. I feel like I miss so much of it getting too busy. :) So, making more of an effort when I am driving around.