Wednesday, April 05, 2006

long time.....

woweeee... time has this nasty habit of zooming.
It's an alarming thing each time I sit down here and realise how long it's been since I've had a moment.
I'm actually just feeling completely drained, and somewhat dried up - but missing catching up with people out there.

So... a quick catch up.

It's so funny that I wrote on my birthday, and since then, I've had many people through to stay - and it's been all go. All good too! :)

To catch up though... the highlights.

My birthday party was a pizza party in Hagley Park - which is such a gorgeous place. The theme; Ladies and Gentlemen.
Everyone was to get dressed up, and bring along a pizza to munch on.
It was fantastic. I had candles everywhere, and lanterns hanging in the trees. Totally beautiful, and just me! :)
Alot of people arrived... in dribs and drabs, and we'd just said grace before ploughing into the pizzas when another group started wandering towards us. I had no idea who was actually going to show up - pretty much leaving it open to anyone and everyone. Always figure, the more the merrier.
Anyway... was sitting there when I looked up, and couldn't figure out who was coming towards us. (It was getting darker - and had NOTHING to do with my old age, and not having my glasses on!)
It kind of looked like Jill, but I really didn't think it could have been... I jumped up when I realised it was... and ran over laughing. When I got there, I found Jill, John and....


I couldn't believe it!

They had flown down to surprise me, meeting Jill and John who drove down from Nelson.

I was totally blown away by it all. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

So, my friend Shane flew down from Wellington for the weekend and I had mum, dad, jill and john as well. Just awesome!

The flatmates, Shane and myself all ended up at a Jazz Bar until closing. So, I partied till 3am, and came home to eat cold pizza before crashing.

The next day, Jackie took us all punting down the avon. It was gorgeous floating down the river... watching the ducks and just hanging out with these people. :)

The next week was tough. Going from having so many people around to being on the road alone. It was a tough week at work too, but you get those.
Still dealing with lots of rejection issues, which I should have expected with this book - which is yet to be finished. I've been trying to fit in school work, but it's been left a little.

Shall post some pics of the last few weeks out on the road, and of the party.

Hope that everyone is well, toasty warm, and hopefully someone is getting some blossom too, somewhere!


Dad me and mum at the boat sheds.


Jayleigh said...


You are so adorable and I'm happy your party was so marvelous, with a Happy Birthday surprise of Mum and Dad! :-)

Using up the words.... said...

haha!! I must say, I'm loving my shoes too - though when I walked out the door, I did warn everyone that I was looking terribly mottly! :)
It was a pretty amazing weekend! :)

miss you, miss.


mreddie said...

Sounds like your party was a real hoot (good time) and it's good to have you back - or at least I guess you are. ec

Using up the words.... said...

hehe... who knows if I'm here or there these days, Mr Eddie. I've had my boss down this week and I'm shattered. Leave again on Monday for a crazy trip south, and then Easter... well, plans have changed, but I think I might need some quiet time to remember what it's all about. :)
Hope everything is good in your corner of the world.