Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Plymouth

I was down in New Plymouth back in January for a friends baby Baptism.... a great weekend catching up with friends. Think that's the last time I'll be down there for a very long time, though I get a regular phone call asking me when I'm going to come down. he he.

I'm trying to be staunch and tell people that if they want to catch up with me, they really need to come here. I just can't do as much as I try to do - and the weekends away, while being wonderful adventures just can't happen now.

I can appreciate that there is only one of me and often many o
f "them", but I've always been the one to do the traveling. Now, now I need the time to go into the studies.

Boring, huh.

Darling, Nifty and I went for a walk down the waterfront while I was down there to check out some stone carvings that had been done. Some of them were brilliant!

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