Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve....

There have been so many adventures this year..... overseas and here in NZ.

I feel incredibly blessed.

And yet - I'm praying that next year will be more.

I sat down by a lake today and pondered what it was I wanted to work on for the year 2010.
I know that I need to work on being gracious and merciful, but I was also thinking that I really did want to live a life of reckless abondonment.

I don't mean that I want to live a life not thinking about what it is I do - but I would like to stop over-thinking the things that I do do.

Those thoughts that we have where we feel totally alive and know deep down that this is something we have to do - that we were born to do. Designed to do.
I want to jump more than think.

I want to live and breathe the life that I was meant to live.

To give when I'm not feeling gracious.

To laugh when I hurt.

To smile at strangers.

To look on the brighter side.

To share all that I have with those around me.

And.... to look adventure in the eye and say YES!!!

Small things?

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