Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Here I sit, Christmas Eve in New Zealand......

The Christmas music is playing in the background while I sip on Christmas tea, and all I wish right now is that it would snow!

After all these years it still feels incredibly wrong to be summer and Christmas. However, I am pleased that being in New Zealand does mean that I'll get to spend tomorrow with family and friends for more fun and madness than you could imagine. I'll even get the opportunity to defend my golf title that Tamati and I won last year.

It's been an interesting year for me, with quite a few big changes. The house I'd been doing up in Morrinsville has been finished and is now rented out and I'm back at the farm with mum, dad and Alex who moved back up from Christchurch a few months ago.

The farm is absolutely gorgeous and I do feel spoiled to have the space, animals and ideal location for adventures. At the moment we have 3 foals, 5 puppies and a number of chicks running around. All are amazing time wasters, though I find I'm often running around in any spare time I have.

I decided to try and fit in some university papers during the second half of the year, which was supposed to happen after I'd moved to the farm, but coincided badly with the move. I managed to get everything done and just found out the other day that I've passed both which means I have just two more papers to complete. Hopefully they'll be done by the middle of next year.

While studying I also managed to fit in a trip to Australia with my friend Jiljane. We met in Adelaide and drove from there through the Barossa Valley to Sydney. I had an amazing time learning more about wine and exploring some stunning countryside. I would love to get back there again sometime to see more of the wineries and of course try more of the wines.

There was also a trip to Rarotonga for my brother; David's wedding in May. It was an absolutely gorgeous ceremony and one of the most intimate and sweet receptions I've been to. We actually each gave a little speech which was quite special. While I didn't cope well with the climate, and was desperate enough to even try and return early - Raro is a stunning place to visit. It certainly cemented the fact that I'm a cooler climate girl!

Dave and Sara are now living in Victoria BC, Canada (Sara arrived there today!!) And I suspect they may be there for a few years?

After years of not traveling overseas at all - I managed to fit in two trips to lands unknown and find that the feet are more itchy than ever. We'll see where I end up next year.....

I hope this finds you well and that you've done more than just survive another year.

For now, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and all the best for the year ahead.

Much love,
CJ xxx

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