Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Just Takes One......

Years back the band Casting Crowns came out with a song about being the Body of Christ. For me, this song kind of takes it to a new level.
It just takes one to make a difference.... I think so often we underestimate the power of one person, one action, one moment.......

Just wanted to share.

It Just Takes One - Addison Road

What if we moved
What if we wandered
Took a reckless ride to the other side
of the tracks

What if we knew somebody's story
Would we write them off like a number
on a check

Or could we be the only souls
Who take the time to love and find
The beauty in a nameless face

It just takes one
It just takes one
To step out from the crowd,and show
what love is all about
One,it takes one
To change a life forever,touch the
world and make it better

So what if we moved with no
And learn to love the least of these
without reserve
Let's spark a change in this generation
And let our actions speak louder than
our words

And what if there's a world in need
of hope
That only we can bring
Brighter then the midday sun


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