Monday, October 08, 2007


I find myself doing things that I shouldn't.

Thinking thoughts that should never even enter my mind.

And I know that it's because I'm not spending enough time in the word, and yet... I feel like I've fallen so far short from where I should be that I don't know how to begin climbing back up.

How did I allow myself to fall into the traps that were laid out before me, and not see the truth?

I know that we all fall short, and that there is forgiveness. I know that when I hear the words muttered in my head that I don't deserve it that they are just lies.....
But finding the strength to scream out that I have been given the authority from Christ to trample on scorpions and snakes feels like such an effort.



mreddie said...

I have noticed that there is no seniority in being a Christian, we wake up every morning in desperate need of the grace of God to make it through that day. I often wonder why I have to learn the same lessons - over and over. I John 1:9 is still true for us all. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks, Mr Ed. YOu're quite right, and it's such a promising verse.

The lessons at the moment are tough - but it's all about the refining process that we have to go through to become the person we are pre-destined to become.
Just not enjoying going through the fire right now.