Thursday, October 11, 2007

taking off....

I'm heading down to New Plymouth tomorrow..... our main supplier is based down there, so I'm going to go and check out the factory and meet all the top dogs as well as finally meet some of the people that I spend much of the day on the phone bothering with all my questions.

Really looking forward to meeting them!

We're going out to dinner tomorrow night - along with my old flatmate and her fiance.

Yep - also getting to talk wedding with Danica. Realised there are only 6 months until they want to get married, and I have no idea what the plans are. Hopefully I'll get to help out with the lists, and check out the venue and dress ideas that she has. :-)
(curious as to what she has in mind for me too... no pink frills I hope! )

I'll be armed with camera the whole time. I've been pretty slack about taking it with me these days - partly because the truck just doesn't have much space... which sounds kind of pitiful - but everything seems to take up so much room, espcially suitcases.

I should have some pics to post when I get back though. :)

I'll have oodles of time to drive and think, and hopefully come back with a clear mind ready to get focused on things that need to be done - like that plastering next weekend.

Happy weekend people.



Jayleigh said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time!


mreddie said...

Finally meeting someone that you have only talked to on the phone is quite an experience. Mostly because like most people I drew a mental picture as to how they would look and they seldom look that way at all. Will be looking for the photos. Was the earthquake anywhere close to you? ec

Using up the words.... said...

The weekend was great, thanks. Was fun running around looking at different wedding venues, and catching up with friends.

Meeting the guy that I spend all my time on the phone with was cool. We all had a super lovely dinner on Friday, and it was just great to finally meet him and his wife. A firm friend - if that makes sense?

Oh - and no, the earthquake was down in the South Island. Friends felt the aftershocks in Christchurch - some registering as high as 6.1. All safe and sound though, thankfully.