Thursday, April 12, 2007

trips around

I headed out to the Mt the week before Easter. Was absolutely picture perfect day. Would have thought it was the middle of summer, not autumn.

The pohutakawas were blooming, which was very late. But they looked gorgeous against the blue sky.

A huge ship had docked that day, so there were tourists everywhere, which was kind of different. There are always lots of people there - but these ones were in flocks armed with bags.

I've never really thought of the area as being one where you would want to shop - but I guess as a tourist?

I got to have a quick walk around the Mt on my way home. There weren't too many people, which was nice. I guess the tourists were too busy with the shops? hehehe. It was the perfect lead into the Easter weekend.

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mreddie said...

Absolutely beautiful photos - I can see how that would lead well into the Easter weekend. Still seems a bit odd to be speaking of autumn down under with it is spring here. ec