Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter - the trip it became.

the full moon, which was the beginning of it all.

I had planned to go North to Goat Island; the oldest marine reserve in New Zealand to swim with the fishies. There were 5 of us all set to go, so come Friday morning I had the truck all packed to go, was just going to head off when I turned on my cell phone. I don't get reception in my room, so if I leave it on all night it spends the night looking for reception, consequently killing the battery by morning.
Anyway... 3 messages in the middle of the night. First one - someone has pulled out. Second, the other person from Tauranga has pulled out. Third - the other person has pulled out - would you be interested in just doing a day trip on Saturday?!


I called, and we chatted about people who have no idea how to commit, and everything else. I was all packed so I was going somewhere. I'd been looking forward to this for weeks, and just felt so upset that it had all turned to custard. My opinion of North Islander's, well, people just went down the gurgler. I had tried. I was steping out of my comfort zone going on this trip with people that I didn't know, and felt a little anxious about it in some respects, since I've been living in comfort zone somewhat - but I was still very excited. Anyway....

I ended up driving up to my aunt and uncles place on the Whangarei Heads. It was a great drive up. I found this fantastic place to go camping right next to the beach, and just cruised along before getting there.
Also stumbled on this fantastic little hall. Absolutely amazing spot to have it. It was just a picture perfect moment. :)

My cousin and her husband were up there too, along with some friends of theirs I had met last month at the fireworks. Was nice to catch up with all of them.
Also, turned out that the Canadian Consulate was staying. hehehehe. Yes, i got to smooze with the big wigs. Not only big wigs, but Canadians! :)
She was incredibly positive about Calgary, and the boom that was happening there now. Didn't think I would have any problems finding a job. All very encouraging to hear right now.

I ended up having to cook them breakfast the next day, as Ros was running around getting ready for something. It would have been quite the comedy for someone to have watched. The husband came in declaring they had got times wrong, and they had to be somewhere much sooner. I quickly had to get coffee going, water boiling for the eggs, find the toast.... which led to me not realising that somewhat had switched the stove off, so the water wasn't boiling, I burnt the toast, and the coffee grinder didn't grind. hehehehe. I even broke the yoke of two of the eggs. Quite classic. I think I'll stick with the backpackers where I don't have to deal with rushed breakfasts.

I drove over to this great little beach on the west coast for the afternoon. The scenery on the way was so lush and green, and there just seemed to be such depth. The trees were starting to change colour. It was great!

Lots of stops on the way home, including going to Goat Island. It was packed, with lots of kids everywhere, and noise filling the air. I swam away to cool off, though didn't really get to enjoy the fish. The whole area is awesome... cute little town, and I'm sure plenty to see and do. By then I was just in cuise home mode. I tired to get some pics of the fish swimming in the rock pools, though not many wanted to co-operate with me. I spent some time fish spotting with this cute little girl. She got so excited every time she found one, that the fish promptly scurried off. I didn't mind.

So, it ended up being a lovely long weekend. I kept hearing the same words from God.....
"Be still and know that I am God."

It was comforting, while everything I try to control and make better, and just focus too much of my energy on just fell through my fingers, I am reminded to let go... let God control and have the peace, realising that He's not about to drop me.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful, most blessed time.


Yours Truly said...

HI CJ! Just stopping by to say hi and appreciate the pictures! It is so refreshing to see the beauty in your part of the world!

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks so much, Yours.

I have to say I always enjoy running around taking them. Just ahven't made a lot of time for it lately.

Hope you are well over that side. :)


mreddie said...

Amazing photos of God's creation - sounds like you had a good weekend in spite of the ones that were no-shows. ec