Saturday, November 25, 2006

mucking around

I went and got a whole lot of photos printed last night, and must say I'm really happy with some of them. A few didn't come out with very good contrast at all, but I guess I'll just have to keep looking around at different places to get prints done.
I'm thinking so far, the online company has been the best.

Anyway.... now I have most of my pics on this computer - so I can start posting them again. :) hehehe

I'm heading over to the beach shortly for a friends 30th birthday. We're going cruising around the Tauranga Harbour tonight, so praying for gorgeous weather. It was a stunning clear night last night - where the stars were seriously twinkling. Hopefully tonight will be more of the same.
So, staying down there at some snazzy place on the beach with another friend that I haven't seen in AGES.

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Auckland to catch up with some friends from Christchurch who are up for the U2 concert. Will be nice to hang out with them for a couple of hours... no doubt at the airport - but hey, I'm willing to do these mad things!

I found this perfect little plot of land...... and think it would be a perfect setting for a bed and breakfast place.
I haven't rung to find out how much they are wanting for it.... knowing full well I can't afford to buy, but it's certainly something that's been placed on my heart. How does one go forward in living out their dreams???

Peace to you all.


mreddie said...

Sounds as though you are keeping yourself occupied, that's a good thing. The plot of land does have a beautiful view - living out the dream is mosttimes difficult but it begins with the first step. ec

Snaggle Tooth said...

One step after the other- Knowing what you want is half the battle ! Even when unsure of the action plan! (where's mine?)

Have a great U2 experience! wish I could see them perform live!

Been praying for you all the time! Keep up the posting, we miss you!

Susanna Rose said...

Good to hear you're doing well! I haven't seen you around FOREVER (I know you could say the same thing about me;) Anyways, that is a beautiful plot of land! I'd love to come and visit if you do begin a bed and breakfast!

Jayleigh said...


Oh CJ! That is a beautiful view. I don't know what my "goal" in life is, besides having children, which I don't have.

But you can start talking to people and ask tons of questions and get the bank to give you a loan, maybe? Start writing a business plan and show how you'll repay the money.

That's how I'd start anyhow.

Miss you, sweet Friend.