Thursday, March 13, 2008

snippet from God Sex.......

I'm furiously reading Rob Bells book; God Sex.

If you happen to stumble across it, I recommend you read it!

We just had the Life FM lifeathon last week - so I had to do a little stint every morning. (It runs over 4 days) On the last day I read this. (check it out online -

God created everything out of chaos - the earth was formless and void, and God brought order out of it.

Each thing that God creates and sets in motion is a step, a progression away from chaos and disorder toward order and harmony.

The first thing God commands His people to do, then, involves the continuation of this ordering and caring for and the ongoing progression away from chaos.

The universe isn't finished!

As human beings we take part through our actions in the ongoing creation of the world. The question is, what kind of world will our energies create?

We will take it somewhere - the question is, where?

Towards chaos and wild waste, or are we making earth as it is in heaven?

Are we committed to growing God's Kingdom here on earth?

Are you?

If you are..... how?

Are you using the talents that God gave you?


mreddie said...

Very serious questions for us all. ec

Robert A Vollrath said...

I'm trying to save the world one imagination at a time.