Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tui in action...

We had some old family friends from Canada here last weekend. They're actually on their way down here again today, which will be very cool. This time I get to see a girl that I grew up with, but whom I haven't seen since I was 9.
A bit freaky. he he.

We used to spend every Easter at their farm in Edmonton till we moved over here.

Anyway.... We took Tui for a spin last weekend. Was great fun, and she went so well. She's hardly acting her age. Turns 25 in May.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time to let go......

The house is on the market.

It feels like the right thing to do now, and yet I'm sad at the idea of letting go. The blood, sweat and tears that went into that place.

Still, a new season and time for big changes. Hopefully the house will sell quickly, and there won't be any more dramas with tenants who aren't paying rent. he he.

More character and more growing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Plymouth

I was down in New Plymouth back in January for a friends baby Baptism.... a great weekend catching up with friends. Think that's the last time I'll be down there for a very long time, though I get a regular phone call asking me when I'm going to come down. he he.

I'm trying to be staunch and tell people that if they want to catch up with me, they really need to come here. I just can't do as much as I try to do - and the weekends away, while being wonderful adventures just can't happen now.

I can appreciate that there is only one of me and often many o
f "them", but I've always been the one to do the traveling. Now, now I need the time to go into the studies.

Boring, huh.

Darling, Nifty and I went for a walk down the waterfront while I was down there to check out some stone carvings that had been done. Some of them were brilliant!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my boy....

Tredway Aritocrat..... known as Jesse James.
He's such a funny boy. Dad's got his two stallions that he deals with, and I've got Jess. We bonded when he first arrived, and now.... he doesn't really like dealing with anyone else. I mean he's never bad - but he follows me around his paddock, and comes running when I call, neighs out to me - even when he sees my truck. Who wouldn't fall in love with a rebel like that?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

inside my head.....

Autumn is nearly upon us here on the other side of the world......

With it comes the noise from calves being weaned, leaves falling and pages from large books being scribbled upon.

Yes, University has begun once more..... with a very full on couple of terms ahead of me before it's all over once and for all. I'll come out of this game with a jumble of letters to go behind my name, which will mean that I'm now more able and eligible to teach a room full of young children than I was previously.

There's a small problem with that idea. I have no intention of teaching small children.

So, why the need to finish the degree that I started 10 years ago?

It's been hanging there, and I couldn't seem to move on before this was finished.

So, come July it will all be over. The work I've got to get through in the next 10 weeks is HUGE, but I know I can do it. Not only that, but that I will do it!

After that the next adventure begins.....

Sadly till then I'm not a nice person to be around while I try to do it all... and do it well.

Bare with me world while I stumble along.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Poppa and Israel

Israel went for his first tractor ride with Poppa last weekend. He's become a super cheerful little guy who is a tad obsessed with balls and anything that could possibly be used as a ball. Super funny.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The cousins....

hope and love.....

Another wedding this month.

Yes, it would seem all of the cousins are getting married off, with just 3 of us left now. It would seem that it's my family who is letting down the side. he he. Strangely it's my older cousin, Jeremy and I who are a mere 3 months apart in age and my youngest brother who are left in the lot.

How do I feel about this?

While all of my family are marrying off and beginning families of their own every Christmas I somehow feel more left out of this happy little circle.

I realise that's not the case, but emotionally, it does feel somewhat alienating. Irrational?

Thank goodness I get to be a work in progress as I figure things out and grow up.